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Despite weird sugars (how many days of 85% or 95% can we try to negotiate…all seeming a bit unpredictable, two hypos IN THE NIGHT last night, but NEVER MIND), today is a good day. E’s 14th birthday: cards, presents, and two most welcome additions from the States. Wow and wonderful.

Even cake. Yes cake. All 42 grams of carb. Eek!

Yesterday: he only brought one hypo treatment with him to school. Non-uniform day and the usual juice box not in his blazer, just in his bag. Of course had a second hypo in the day, so had to beg borrow and steal lucozade, which he hates. From a sort of friend. I controlled my near fury/worry.

So today: brings extra with, just in case. Life is unpredictable.

Get a text when he’s on the bus: sold my fruit pastilles for £1.10. Quite a profit!

Lordy. We tut-tutted. But, as he said, it was the end of the day. He knew he would be okay until he got home.

Selling emergency hypo treatment for a tidy 60% profit?!

Fourteen today.

Cheers dude (clink of glasses).


Setting sail

In November 2008 my 12 year old son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. The effect of this event on me -- and on our nuclear family -- was like being thrown overboard and watching the ship leave.

'Dealing with type 1' in the family has morphed into another sort of 'dealing' -- a wholesale resituating of parenting, of family dynamics...of life.

At my son's diagnosis I could not to locate a record of what living with a type 1 child in the family is like. I could not see myself or our family anywhere. I longed for a starting point, a resource and a sense of the future. Being a writer, my instinct is to write it. This space, I hope, is a start.

Blood Sugar Ranges (UK)

<4 mmols = low or hypo, life-threatening if untreated
4-8 mmols = within target range
8-13 mmols = high but not usually dangerous
14+ mmols = very high, or hyper, life-threatening if untreated


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I am not a medical professional. Any view expressed here is my opinion, gleaned from experience, anecdote or available research.