Just a glancing post to say that E (and T) made the summit of Snowdon yesterday via Knife Edge (250 meters of toe-hold rock scramble across ridges, sheer drops either side!), in heavy fog, and then all the way back down…

Inordinately proud of him (them). And for taking so much so lightly: only a coupla hypos (he wrote) and a little high, but meh.

When asked what it was like, to us he wrote: Knife Edge was terrifying, but quite easy.

To his sister: You could only see 10 meters all around. It was like walking on clouds.


Sigh. A good night for him last night — no panics — and for us too: last minute, our special friend Nancy took us out for a meal. Daughter M stayed up chatting over her British cheese board in style, and we enjoyed confit duck with lentils and pear!

Feel completely lifted today. He’s done it. He can do it. And so can we all, sister M included.