The calling commenced at 6am. Seemingly at her bidding, I followed Cleo from possible nest to possible nest.

At last we settled UNDER the spare room sleeping bag, on the spare room bed. She moved in and out of there for several hours, calling and cuddling, then digging in the sleeping bag. Fine.

Then she thought that under our bed was good. Filthy and out of reach, but excellent in her view.

So then she greeted Schubert with quite a spring in her step – at which point we discovered that things were underway, according to her bottom. If you get my drift.

Now with another whistle stop tour through the spare room, our bedroom and the playroom, it’s anyone’s guess where she will end up.

But it will be soon. I’ve got my supplies. But know nuthin bout birthin babies, as said in Gone With the Wind.

Sigh. Meanwhile new basals continue to behave strangely. We stagger on…

— Posting on the move, tiny screen!