Right well still no kittens, but certainly some ODD behaviour:

1) flat out stretched cat. Poor Cleo too uncomfortable to lie long on either side, sniff, so is lying with her front legs right out in front, chin on them, and back legs hunched up. Quite calm. The general consensus is that she probably has 3 or 4 babes in there, as we can see them moving (many more and apparently they are too squished to see move!).

2) a whole morning of prowling for nests and scratching in corners. Thank goodness we filled up the small square at the very back of the spare room double bed, otherwise that’s where she would now be I’m sure… She has now checked out and settled for a time in the bottom of OH’s wardrobe, in the bottom of my wardrobe, in the bottom of E’s wardrobe, and in the far corner of M’s playroom under a table. Sigh.

3) There is one creature who just LOVES to scratch the newspaper in the bottom of OH’s wardrobe, and spent much of yesterday there: Cleo’s brother Schubert. Argh! Right place, wrong cat. When I caught him in there, he looked at me like nobody here but  us chickens (aka the fox in the chicken coop, the thief hiding in the chicken coop etc)…


Obviously, birth now getting closer. Not today I reckon though. She’s had breakfast and lunch!

And a story that made me laugh: this morning as usual I got up and went downstairs to the loo. Cleo was in there too, in her litter tray. She scratched. I did my business. Meanwhile M woke up and headed down the stairs. I flushed the toilet, and then Cleo walked out of the loo.

M came into the bathroom, giggling. She said that she might be just half asleep, but had Cleo just used the toilet?!

Ah well. Every little bit helps.