So after two nights of VERY stable numbers, we decide that 7.7 mmols at midnight is good going, and we will try for another unbroken night.

Forgetting the significant amount of cheese with dinner: goats, Swiss and cheddar, all hot on toast with salad. Yum.

So this morning: 15.7 mmols! Cripes!

E stays home while we battle him down- have to make sure it’s not a faulty set. By 10 am he’s down to 12 mmols and we set off to school.

I’m due to teach in 30 mins. I’m going to the supermarket to get juice and biscuits for my last class.

The traffic is slow. You ok? E says.

Yes, I say. Just HATE FLIPPING DIABETES! I yell this, no doubt looking crazed.

We swing round the roundabout.

Lol, he says. Dryly.


Got to love him.

Cheese has a high fat content and can slow down digestion. So there is no insulin left to deal with the late carb from the toast. He HAD gone hypo very early into the dose. The clue we ignored. Insulin missed the meal completely, and he was high for hours after.


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