Things that have made us laugh in the last few days:

1) Daughter M needing a suitcase twice the size of the one we got out for her — because she could not go to a sleepover without her giant polar bear, Barack. (Yes, as in Obama. It’s a bit crazy. She wanted to show colour blindness. Yes, she’s nine.)

2) Daughter M bounding out of the bushes in her crocs, like some kind of midget wildlife stalker, yesterday when playing outside all together.

3) Parts of Me, Myself and Irene which we watched last night in a kind of exhausted stupor!

4) E constructing a French essay about what he studies and why. He was a little brain dead, and could not think of the simplest words, so we were making them all up, painful franglais…

5) Cleo the cat, evidently in heat, doing the same walk up on the wicker chair, along one window sill, behind the television, along another window sill, along the top of the piano, along the third window sill, down to the floor. And again. And again.

6) The Simpsons


We are all rather shattered. Nights still up but things reasonably stable. Closely watched. With a set change have now put temp basal to 95%, and fingers crossed, all good so far.

I am on the lookout for funny. And non-stressy. And camp. And a breath of fresh air. Any suggestions?!