…anyone thought that life with diabetes was anything less or more than consistently inconsistent, last night things stayed weird and also got weirder.

6.8mmols at 10.30pm. Too low given last few nights. So, a whole piece of bread and some cheese — 15g carb, quite a lot — which we did not give insulin for. We actually anticipated a high reading this morning with that…

Woke on 3.6mmols. Half a carton of juice.


No, we did not get up in the night. He, for once, just couldn’t handle it. He is exhausted from his nightly 4 hour performances, and needs sleep desperately.

Not to speak of us too.

However. We will get up tonight to see if we can find out at which point the drop is happening. Traditionally any change with E seems to take place before 2am. If it is happening after this time, this is truly a different turn of events.

We will get up and test, and treat accordingly.

Latest theory: he is eating dinner very early in order to get out the door for the performance. He is also then sort of burning it all off, playing in the performance (though it’s only a little physical, really, blowing in a reed! Brain activity?).

So we now wonder if somehow this is all adding up, bringing him lower than usual, with no food at all knocking around, and high levels of concentration for the performance…?

If tonight shows this again, we will use a low temp basal function (eg lower his insulin over the course of the whole night) rather than actually change what has been a very stable basal pattern for him overnight… Until the performances are over, and then see where we are… If indeed we can even see the wood for the trees.


GCSE went very well apparently. I spent half of yesterday morning berating myself for not having clarified with the invigilator E’s procedures for hypos etc…Fortunately, not necessary.


I need to do a Life 101 post. Too much diabetes! Too much diabetes! Pah to diabetes!