As a correlate to yesterday’s bizarre morning reading: it happened again this morning!

Only thing is, we sent him to bed on 9.4mmols — considerably higher, just in case.

And the just in case came true: woke on 4.4mmols. A good number in itself, but…

A drop of 5mmols, two nights in row. All of a sudden.

Seems to be fighting illness? Very tired?

We can’t figure out whether to change the insulin dose (which will guarantee, as is the way with diabetes, a sky high shoot for no apparent reason!), or to just wait this out…

Objectively, it’s kind of interesting to think that maybe E being busy and a bit stressed interrupts the growth hormones or something…? That’s all we can think of. It seems to be these pesky growth hormones anyway which cause so many irregular highs — why not irregular drops, as well? And is this what happens in our bodies all the time, only we don’t know it…?


Today E has a GCSE (big exam) component to take — in Physics. We under-carbed breakfast a little, so he wouldn’t risk going low. The exam is mid-morning, traditionally an okay time of day for him — but he’s been known to drop like a stone after 10am…so we wait! Sent him with fruit pastille sweets and a box of apple juice.

Just in case!


After a dull morning, the sun is out again, although the wind is biting biting cold.