This is how much I understand about what happened last night:

big fat zero


Last thing at night E was 7.4mmols. No extra insulin hanging around (dinner time insulin fully through). No exercise in the day. Feeling a little rough: cold? painful tooth coming through? tired from playing the bassoon for six hours two days in a row? (yes this is true: performances all this week…).

He went to bed at 8pm, actually, exhausted. We tested him at 9pm: 10mmols. Tested again when we went to bed, 10.30 pm: this was where we found the 7.4mmols.

Fine. Been very stable at night. Woke up on 2.2mmols. ARGGGHHH! Feeling, in his words, weird.

My words: Gee I reckon. That’s pretty low. Absolutely NO way to predict that.

It’s 12.10pm and the sun is shining with a proper glory. I’ll give the world that, anyway. Because in so many other ways it’s VERY VERY STUPID.