It’s been a long time — perhaps never — since our children have stared out the window and groaned at MORE snow.

But so it was yesterday as this latest batch began its descent. 

I can understand this. The winds are howling, the cold is biting. Go back to Russia! says daughter.

So. Four more inches on the ground. Schools closed. Again. OH has dug his way out to meetings, joining the long trail of people crawling to work through thick and thin….

I’m supposed to be in work finishing paperwork, paperwork, paperwork. In order to be ‘sprung’ at the weekend. Hurray! Marking done!

Uh, no. Oh well.


The babysitting went without a hitch. Though 20 minutes before we left E registered a lovely 2.4 mmols hypo. Ack. The exercise of the day was continuing to catch up with him. We under-carbed dinner (eg entered a lower number of carbs into the pump than there actually were; this produces of course less insulin as a dose, thereby keeping blood sugar levels slightly higher), and when we got back he was 5.6 mmols. Okay, but too low for the night. SO we went to Plan A for exercise, which was a snack (milk and a biscuit), and a 95% temp basal (eg slightly lower rate of insulin) for the night. He woke on a lovely 7.5 mmols yesterday, with a 5.4 mmol in the middle of the night.

So far so good.

He is back however to having recurring hypos at 11am at school. The rate of insulin for this particular time of day has gone up and down like a yo-yo the last few weeks. But clearly it must come down. Again.

And now… he’s got another cold. He’s feeling pretty miserable, watching The Bourne Supremacy on the laptop in bed. He’s eaten though, which is a relief — there is always the possibility of developing ‘starvation ketones’ if the process of glucose in/insulin to cover it is not mechanically maintained, even for a day.

It’s ridiculous to think about: you either develop ketones from too much glucose/not enough insulin OR not enough glucose/not enough insulin. Sounds suspiciously like a rock and a hard place, doesn’t it?