Okay, so after that massive low (which, btw, in case anyone is wondering, can actually do damage… This is not just parents’ hysteria here — oh my baby, etc. Severe hypos can impair function. Long term. Them apples indeed)….ANYWAY.

After that massive low, E as predicted did fight lows all day, having two mild and one rather worse (2.9) hypo. We reduced the insulin overnight, knowing full well he probably would be high because maybe the massive low was a one-off — and it was. He was high in the morning.

Last night we back-tracked on the insulin, raising it again, and he was slightly low at 2am. Woke him up for some juice. Woke in range at 6.30am. Phew!


Honestly. I am SO tired. The last two mornings I’ve texted OH to ask if he is CERTAIN we had coffee with caffeine, as opposed to decaff, in the morning. He claims yes. But I could close my eyes RIGHT NOW and sleep.

It is not to be. Life says that I’ve marked and consulted about marks all day. I’ve seen two students, both chasing me for references. Eek. (One by-product of all this is that I now quite often think I’ve done something when I haven’t. Or is this just age? Hmmm…)

I’m home now, having handed the Reading Series reins over for the night to two more very helpful graduate students. Because I’m due out to dinner later. With a VIC (Very Important Composer). Which means that OH cannot do the child-runaround that he normally does, occupied as he is with keeping the VIC company.

So. I will head out at 5.30pm to get daughter, who is busy in the BEST after school club on earth: her (yes, just her!) and her Design Technology teacher, making props. Mum, she says, I got to use a drill! We spray painted outside without masks! Mrs F walks around the studio in her stockinged feet! 

Hallelujah. Good on Mrs F, I say. Daughter is in hog heaven.

Except that this club is only one term long. So she still needs to go to ballet (which she refuses to give up) that starts right after. She changes at school, and snarfs a snack in the car.

THEN home to make them dinner. Then out to dinner myself. Any ideas on what to wear warmly welcomed…


Tonight E will babysit daughter M for the first time, properly. Two ish hours. Another thing the big D called diabetes has done is slow down his progression toward independence. What if he has a hypo? Will M know what to do? Will he? Is that all just too much to ask?

No, it’s not. He’s the most responsible young man in the world. She is alert. They love each other. He is desperate to become a babysitter. He’s a good lad.

So we will go out.

Just in case you’re wondering, he’s had one hypo today. And exercised, and put a temp basal (lowered insulin) on a bit late. But he’ll be fine. We are ten minutes away.

And life is all about small steps.