Don’t like ’em. If anybody asks. No, I really, really don’t like them apples.

We woke E on 1.7 mmols this morning. After going to bed at 6.9 mmols. After five days of being steady (except for the messed up dual wave!) through the night, eg going to bed on 7 mmols ish, waking up on 7 mmols ish.

No extra insulin on board. No exercise.

He was ‘fine’. Felt a bit ‘strange’. And that’s what scary. It’s too low. Many would be out cold with it. It’s dangerous. And he was sleeping.

Now, on top of everything else, have to watch levels don’t get even remotely low over next 24 hours. Because, as many will know, hypo begets hypo. And the chances of having another severe one is something like 30% higher in the 24 hours following one.

Already we see the ‘bounce’ back from it. He was 11 mmols at breakfast.

Welcome to the inevitable roller coaster of post-severe-hypo.

So no, don’t dig these particular apples myself.


Tell you who does though:  Mimi and Peaches. Who are home and frisky. And munchin’ them apples.