Quite a bit to mention…As I become more used to this again, once again it becomes clearer what to say. Like writing. Once the fluency is there, the facility, the naturalness of it…It’s all easier to do. Flexing the muscles.

1) Semi MC-ed the competition awards for the wonderful writing group Save As last night. What a treat! The work was fab, and the people great, and it was so very good to see so many from all over, from so many groups and walks…All for writing, for listening, for appreciating. Loved it. Read a bit from the developing memoir about diagnosis and subsequent feelings. Bit harrowing! But done now.

2) A GREEN day two days ago. Joy of joys! The THIRD in 15 months. Remember ‘green’? When blood sugar numbers are in range? Just to set the record straight: E has actually REALLY good numbers. We work hard for it. He works hard for it. And it’s a big pain in the backside. His average readings are actually very good for an adolescent, for which we breathe a sigh of relief. Consultants are delighted with him. However. Even with a laudable HbA1c (average blood sugar level over 3 months), he has only had 3 all green days in 15 months. Imagine this. Over 50% of the tests are not right. Not in range. The overall is good, but the daily is crap. The frustration is nightmarish, for him and for us. Once again, we are at the ‘you can’t win’ scenario. It’s no wonder that for so many, giving up is the next step. You can’t get it right.

There is a flipside to this. You can’t get it right, but in the end you are winning. Slow and steady wins the race. In this for the long haul. Don’t sweat the small stuff. That’s the good way of looking at it. When you can bear to look at it at all, that is!


In a section all its own is the recent private viewing I attended by our gorgeous and mega-talented dear friend, Nancy Wilson Fulton. It was a special evening. Her photographs positively glowed from the walls, seeming to make space where none had existed before, like the back of a cupboard leading to C S Lewis’s Narnia. 

Remarkable. Felt quite choked up. M went too, and steeped herself in her favourite friend’s artwork. They are like peas in a pod. The best bit: when asked by a dear friend of Nancy what animals she liked best, M replied, with some hesitation but a fixed determination to tell the truth…’Rodents, actually’. A bemused silence ensued.

Bring on Mimi and Peaches! (Still in vet, sniff!)

Here is Nancy’s website and her Flickr site. And here’s news about the exhibition. You have to drink it in.