1) We chased E’s blood sugar levels all last night (so little sleep), just to get them into vaguely acceptable range (why so high now? growing we think…) by morning

2) He could not get his insulin pump reconnected after his shower, so a mad dash for a set change (see video! a different make of pump but exactly the same process) in order to get the insulin going again, quick calculation of how much loss of insulin to make up for, a request that he give himself more ALL DAY to try to beat these high numbers… all as he’s trying to rush out the door, text his friends, catch the bus

3) My daughter M and I have waited in some anticipation for the longed-for covering of thick snow which is predicted — and it has not come

On the day when these small things cause a little bit of a low pressure system in our house, my dear photographer friend Nancy Wilson Fulton sends OH and I a huge great wonderful book of all the correspondence between Elizabeth Bishop and Robert Lowell. Oh yes. What a gift.

So I thought it only right and proper that I put Stevie Smith’s poem, from whence this blog twists its name, up on The Poem page. Enjoy!


An insulin pump infusion set change:

(p.s. AGAIN. Pages about diabetes basics and a glossary of terms are under construction. I realise some will know all about it, some will not. There’s a heck of a lot of jargon and messin’ with diabetes…I’m sorry if it’s still confusing. It won’t be for long!)